Cedar Walton Big Band Project - Day 2 Hindsight

Hindsight like (Fiesta Español) was first recorded on the Junior Cook's Something's Cookin".  The record features Buster Williams and Billy Higgins along with Cook and Walton. Walton only recorded the tune twice. Once in 1996 on the album Composer and again in 2008 on the record Seasoned Wood (on the High Note label). S.W. features Jeremy Pelt, Vincent Herring , Peter Washington, Al Foster. On this recording, Walton recorded the tune as a piano trio. 

While Hindsight hasn't been recorded that often, it's a tune that musicians familiar with Walton's work have in their repertoire. It begins with a chordal introduction that plains dominant seven #9 chords.  The melody begins with series chords descending by half-step (First chord major following by a dominant 7 flat-nine chord tri-tone sub etc). The sequence continues for 8 measure before entering into a modal section that contrasts the previous section having one chord for 4 bars before changing. In addition to the well balanced harmonic rhythm of the tune, there are two sections in which the bass line (played by piano and bass) becomes the melody.

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