Clockwise: The Music of Cedar Walton - Release Countdown Day 14: Chris Smith

14 days until Clockwise: The Music of Cedar Walton is available everywhere! You can still purchase mp3s and CD now by clicking on the store tab

Day 14 - Chris Smith - Chris and I were living in Colorado and working on our doctorates (at University of Northern Colorado and University of Colorado respectively) around the same time (2007-2011). We didn't start playing together regularly until we were almost finished with school. From the start, it was apparent that Chris had a very deep bag and we shared many of the same ideas regarding accompaniment and swingin'. Chris is at home playing in a variety of settings and genres. He can kick a big band, play free music, swing his as off, and he always serves the music! Chris has chops, but he also knows how to make the people he is playing with sound good. While he plays great on the entire Clockwise record, some of my favorite moments are his playing with Wil Swindler on Cedar's Blues and with Terell Stafford on Hindsight. Chris is also one of the founding members of Raincheck with Steve Kovalcheck, Marty Kenney, and myself.

Since moving from Colorado back to New York, Chris has played with many renowned musicians including Dick Oatts, Joe Magnarelli, and Anthony Wonsey. He can also be found subbing in the Vanguard Orchestra. Chris has also penned the definitive biography on jazz drummer Mel Lewis - an outstanding book!

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